8 - 9 декабря, 2017
Гостиница «Славянская Рэдиссон»,
г. Москва, Площадь Европы д.2
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Imagine you only had a single Selenium test. What would make it unstable? How could you make it faster? Now imagine you have two. Now hundreds. How would you make them run more quickly? What problems would you encounter as your test suite grew in size?

In this talk, we'll follow the journey of a test suite from its first test all the way up to running hundreds of tests in parallel. We'll explore the problems you'll encounter, and suggest practical ways of dealing with those issues. There will be code! There will be discussion about hardware! There will be thought put into build and test infrastructure!

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Simon Stewart / The Selenium Project
Simon Stewart

Simon Stewart is the creator of WebDriver, the Open Source browser automation tool, and is the Selenium project lead. He previously led the build tool team at Facebook, developing the graph-based build tool Buck, and being a strong advocate of monorepos. Before joining Facebook, he spent almost five years at Google, and three at ThoughtWorks. He’s seen a lot of code.

Simon has an interest in byte-for-byte reproducible builds at incredible speed, and describes himself as "undeniably hairy".

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