December 8 - 9, 2017
Radisson Slavyanskaya,
Europe Square 2, Moscow

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Panel discussion about life, the universe and performance testing. We'll try to cover the following questions:

  • why should a non-specialist be great on performance;
  • who and why is looking for performance-testers;
  • what to do when you don't have non-functional requirements (and do you need to do anything at all);
  • what are the ways to test performance;
  • what are the instruments for load testing and how to work with them;
  • synthetics vs. the real-world load: how not to make production fall;
  • how to create the production conditions in a testing environment;
  • what to do with scalable systems;
  • latency and throughput: what should you know about it;
  • which application characteristics are to be monitored, what are the requirements (including functional, syscpu and others);
  • where to keep the results of performance testing and how to visualize them.

Also, you'll be able to ask tricky questions and see how the members of panel discussion try to get away with the answers.

Vladimir Sitnikov / Netcracker
Vladimir Sitnikov

System performance engineer at NetCracker. Looking forward to tuning Java and SQL things.

Alexey Lavrenuke / Yandex
Alexey Lavrenuke

Developer at Yandex. Makes tools and services for performance testing. Is into developing open source tools for load testing, such as Yandex.Tank and Pandora, along with load test results storage and analysis, Overload.

Vsevolod Brekelov / Grid Dynamics
Vsevolod Brekelov

Over 5 years in software testing/test automation. Works as a Full Stack Developer/Tech Lead for one year now.

Has experience in building test automation from scratch in mobile, desktop, web projects (especially for financial companies). Passionate about hackathons and fond of working with smart teammates. Conducted a lot of interviews (over 200 but stopped counting) for QAs, developers, analysts. Last couple of years works at Grid Dynamics. Right now lives in California working by the contract at Google.

Andrey Satarin / Amazon Web Services
Andrey Satarin

Andrey is involved in testing at Amazon Web Services. Previously he has worked in various projects: testing distributed NewSQL database at Yandex, cloud antivirus detection system at Kaspersky Lab, online multiplayer game at, and foreign exchange pricing service at Deutsche Bank. Andrey is interested in testing large scale distributed and backend systems.

Andrey Dmitriev / Group
Andrey Dmitriev Group

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